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Plexyr Tire Ink

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Plexyr Tire Ink pens are the easy way to give your vehicle a ‘race’ look without the cost expensive professional tire jobs Inspired by our love of high-performance racing, we have developed Tire Ink to achieve a colorful accent for your tires at an affordable price.

🔥How To Apply🔥

✅ Clean the tires with soapy water and scrub the tire area you plan to paint.

✅ Shake the pen WITH THE CAP ON  for 30 seconds. 

✅  Prime the pen by pushing it down multiple times until the ink starts to flow.

✅ Start writing, first outline the letter and then work your way in. After completing all the letters and allowing the paint to be dry to touch, add another layer. We recommend 2-3 coats for an even finish. 👌