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Plexyr Fire Breathing Exhaust Modification Kit



  • Price is for one piece
  • There are two types of flaming LED muffler tips.
  • The inlet size is the inner diameter.
  • Two colors: red and blue
  • Two sizes: 51-76mm/63-89mm (Inlet size is inner diameter )
  • Please make sure of this before you order it.




  • Special Features: LED light Muffler Tip
  • Mounting Position: Rear
  • Type: Muffler
  • Material Type: Stainless steel and fiber carbon
  • Color: Red/blue
  • Inlet size: 51/63mm (Inner diameter )
  • Outlet size: 76/89mm
  • Net weight: 0.7kg
  • Type of carbon: Flaming LED pipe
  • Overall length: 165mm

1. Attach the led tail throat with the buckle to the original car exhaust pipe.
2. Adjust the position, tighten the buckle and check if it is firm.

3. Find the light line, the red line is connected to the positive pole, and the black wire is connected to the iron.

4. Installation is complete, test your light to make sure it is working properly.